For William & Virginia McCoy On the third Saturday night of every month They held a dance in the Logan Town Hall Kids and teens showed up in droves While the old folks sat and watched it all button It wasn't long before the teens got bored And often begged to stay at home Some started sneaking outside to neck Out of sight of their chaperones button Bill and Ginny were great-grandparents But they still got lots of fun out of life Realizing the party was going downhill Bill got up and grabbed hold of his wife button With old bones creaking and already out of breath They eased out onto the dance floor Chris and Mark and Jason and Beth Were so embarrassed, they headed for the door button Everyone under sixty got out of the way Gave up and walked away with a shrug For when those swinging seniors really cut loose You should have seen them cutting that rug button Showing off their prowess and strutting their stuff Dancing the jitterbug, Charleston and jive Blue-haired women and pot-bellied men Rocked that hall and made it come alive button Soon, the kids started yelling and clapping Cheering them on as they swayed and dipped When all at once the whistling and applause Changed to a gasp as Bill's suspenders slipped button The whole town was so delighted that night To see the old folks having such fun Pulling up his pants as he limped away Bill said, "Youngins, that's the way it's done!" button Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 22, 2008 All Rights Reserved share button sitemapnext

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