Out of breath from running My heart begins to race Cheeks flushed with anticipation As I near our secret place So long since I have seen you And felt your warm embrace Running even faster now I come to our secret place I know that you'll be waiting To say you have missed me too Though our meetings are forbidden My heart wants only you Feeling as if something has gone wrong A lump is forming in my throat Until I read your cruel words On a crudely-written note You said: I've just married another girl So we cannot speak nor greet When you see me walking with her We'll act as strangers when we meet I'll still see you at the covered bridge For stolen moments when I can get away To be sure that you don't miss me Just look for me here every day I don't know who you think you are Or what kind of girl you think I am Believe it or not, I have some pride And I'll get myself out of this jam So good-bye, Mr. Married Man You're not the only fish in the sea I'll find someone who is free to love And he won't be ashamed of me I'm sorry now that I ever met you I regret all the things we did We'll be strangers when we meet, alright And you won't find me at the bridge Yep, I guess I learned a hard lesson Just stay the heck out of my life You can take your kisses and shove them Better yet, give them to your wife Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 18, 2008 All Rights Reserved

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