The Earth has made another turn Beautiful spring has rolled around Looking out the kitchen window, I see Little tulips peeking through the ground Feeling the sun upon my face Watching the birds as they return Thanking God for all His blessings Yet, it's for you that my heart yearns Remembering how you loved the flowers We grew and tended side by side The jovial sound of your laughter And when I lost you, how I cried Though spring is a time of renewal And trees and flowers come back to life My heart and mind won't accept the fact That I'm a widow now, not a wife Yet the Earth will keep on turning Different seasons will come and go The memory of you suspended in time Forever etched in the winds that blow Sometimes it hurts to recall those times And all the fun things we used to do Springtime reminds me of tulips But, everything reminds me of you Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 19, 2008 All Rights Reserved