After the terror attack on September 11, 2001 America became a sea of stripes and stars Patriotism swelled and people wanted revenge Flags streamed from homes, mailboxes and cars Sending a volunteer army into a hostile land Once again, our country went to a foreign war Risking our lives to defend America's honor And the freedom we so bravely struggle for We've been fighting and dying for five years And the wave of patriotism seems to have waned Many have become spiritless and apathetic No longer rejoicing in the victory we've attained We need your support and confidence in our mission As we defend the liberties our country affords To win the war on terror and keep the evil from our shores And maintain our great republic's freedoms and rewards Please don't desert our country's defenders As we struggle far away from loved ones dear Support us even if you don't agree with policy Until the gallant fight is over, don't forget we're here Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© February 14, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Sequencer Unknown To Me


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