Look at 'im over thar a-struttin' 'is stuff
Like a Junebug a-settin' on a sweet tater vine
He don't know it, but right real soon
That ol' boy's a-gonna be mine

People 'round here thinks us girls is dumb
But I ain't jest a purty face
Cause I been a-studyin' tha birds 'n' bees
An' with this gal that ain't tha case

Done set my sights on 'im a long time ago
Flirted with 'im since 'way back when
Brung out my big guns this time 'round
And I'm a-fixin' ta rope 'im in

Purty soon, I'll be too old ta marry
Fourteen's kinda long in tha tooth
T'ain't jest any man I'm a-wantin' ta ketch
I plumb love Jim Bob; gospel truth

I done tuck me a bath an' warshed my hair
With water caught in Ma's rain barrel
Put ribbons in my hair; beet juice on my lips
Pinched my cheeks so I wouldn't look fair

Run tha youngins an' critters all offa tha porch
So's me an' him could be by us selves alone
We courted 'n' sparked nigh on halfa the night
He proposed afore I'd let 'im go on home

Well, me and Jim Bob's a-gonna git hitched
Guess I showed 'em I ain't no fool
Done learnt a lot 'bout ketchin' a man
An' I ain't never even been ta school

They ain't nothin' wrong with a-ketchin' a man
By usin' yore womanly wiles and ways
Jest use the gifts God gave all us girls
An' have that man fer the rest o' yore days

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 10, 2008
All Rights Reserved



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