My theory on the word, overweight Is that some skinny person invented it If us fatties had been allowed to weigh in I'm sure we could have prevented it Though I'm not averse to being known as fat The word, overweight, just bothers me I get no joy over being super-sized When svelte and skinny I'd rather be I must admit, I've tried scads of diets And usually get to looking pretty good Then my sweet tooth and hunger kick back in And before I know it, I'm eating junk food I've seen lots of big, beautiful people And, dressed up, don't look half bad myself I get tired of hearing my doctors tell me That I should be more aware of my health Trying to do better and extend my life a bit I joined Curves and learned to exercise After wrecking my back and both of my knees Fat and cellulite still dominated my thighs Now, when a doctor hands me a new diet plan I just nod and smile and bite my tongue I plan to enjoy what time I have left 'Cause I'm way too old to die young Guess I'll concentrate on doing my best And not worry too much about my weight As the old song says, "I gotta be me." So they can bury me in a piano crate Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 4, 2008 All Rights Reserved Margi Harrell