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My children gave me a Garmin™ For my birthday that just passed Now I have somebody to talk to Hope I'm through getting lost, at last flower Though my car knows the way to Wal*Mart™ Could practically go there on its own I like to plug in and use my new Garmin™ Let it guide me there and back home flower I got lost once going to the doctor A place I'd never been to before I got there without any problem But getting back turned into a chore flower I had gone in the wrong direction When my MapQuest™ fell on the floor Ended up going several miles out of my way Don't want to go that route anymore flower I have to say I enjoy its company There's even a place to play my MP3s No more printing maps from the Internet I get where I'm going with such ease flower I just plug it in the cigarette lighter Never use the thing any old how Don't smoke nor drink nor cuss nor chew Get my kicks from my Garmin™ now flower I'm an old gal pretty set in my ways Blessed that most of my wits are intact It's hard enough to make myself get up and go Without worrying about how to get back flower If I don't croak before I'm too old to drive I have a plan forming in my head With my Garmin™ in my pocket, I can find my way From the bathroom to the fridge to the bed flower Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 18, 2008 All Rights Reserved divider share our page


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Bill Bailey
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield

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