He sits alone in his easy chair The house so empty and still Trying to think up chores to do His long, lonely hours to fill Winding the clocks; watering the plants And a couple of bills to pay Checking the mailbox; feeding the cat Take such a little part of his day The matching chair sits empty now Her sewing box and mending there On the table just the way she left them With the reading glasses used for spare He gazes longingly at her photograph As the tears well in his eyes Still grieving from that sad-filled day When they said their last good-byes So many times, they had talked about How one couldn't get along without the other It never crossed his mind that she'd go first And leave him never able to recover He sits and bides his time waiting for the day When he joins his beloved one in death For he knows he can never be whole again Until he draws that last, long breath Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 14, 2008 All Rights Reserved share




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I Can't Stop Loving You

Backgrounds by Dee {DBM}