Checking out my garden the other day I came upon a sight to behold Lettuce perk up our ears for a little bit 'Cause my tale just has to be told Like a bunch of kids on a playground The accusations soon started to fly When the veggies all started complaining Then threatened to wilt up and die The tomatoes and radishes turned red in the face And said the onions were making them cry Broccoli got angry and turned blue with rage Claimed he was squashed as a pumpkin rolled by Cucumber was running all over the place When he fell down and stubbed his big toe Corn got so mad he started popping off And spread over into the rhubarb row Eggplant was sunbathing in the nude And was in for a great big surprise When she heard a whistle from the tater patch And realized that potatoes have eyes Celery said the Beans were stalking her And got tangled in the sweet potato vine The carrots and the radishes had to go pea As Fennel and Dill guzzled down cabbage wine Herb and Okra were in the bean row making out Swiss Chard said that Spinach Artichoke My head was spinning with all the noise So I figured I'd have to go for broke Playing peacemaker in my garden This old gal knew just what to do I gathered a little of this and a little of that Then made myself a pot of vegetable stew Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 10, 2008 All Rights Reserved