It was a joyful day in Jamboree Usually a laid back, folksy kind of town But the County Fair was coming that day And people gathered from all around Lots of folk entered the three-legged race First prize was "Winner Take All" Bubba and Suzie snuggled in a tater sack And Sally paired up with Tall Paul The pie eating contest was in full swing As gals readied for the beauty contest Aunt Ollie had brought her pickles and jam To compete with the best of the best There were big folk, little folk, kids and pets Watching the Ferris wheel as it went up In the midst of all that merriment and noise Sat the cutest little hound dog pup Reaching down to give the little critter a pat Maude noticed he was foaming at the mouth She started yelling and took off running The dog went north as Maude headed south "Mad Dog! Mad Dog!" somebody screeched 'Course all the yelling caused a huge stampede It was dog eat dog as the women all begged For some brave fellow to intercede The dog went yelping through tables and booths As the homemade crafts went askew Uncle Earl got so rattled from all the commotion He hit the mayor and then the fur flew Grandpappy took it pretty much in stride As he meandered toward the moonshine keg But the pup had gotten more than a little put out And started nipping at the mailman's leg It was quite awhile before they realized The comedic value of the whole darn thing For that scoundrel's face was only smeared With Granny Possum's lemon meringue This story really has no moral, I guess You'd have run too if you'd been there Folks in Jamboree still laugh about the day When a pooch tore up the County Fair Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 7, 2008 All Rights Reserved