Aunt Nettie loved all of her flowers Tended her garden with such loving care Warm, pleasant days of spring and summer Would always find her lingering there We teased her about her little green thumb Because she had such an affectionate touch Tenderly pruning and caring for them With singing and talking and such Her grandmother had given her a cutting From the lilac bush growing in her yard Aunt Nettie planted it when just a child And always held it in such high regard Just after she married and moved away Nettie returned for a cutting from her shrub Planted it lovingly in her own front yard And won prizes at the local garden club Years of caring and sharing many cuttings Were rewarded with a fine array of blooms The sweet smell of lilacs wafting in the air Seemed to follow her with fragrant perfumes Our gentle Aunt Nettie quietly faded away Smiling sweetly as she took her last breath Looking out the window, she could see her old friend Blooming profusely as her eyes closed in death Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 5, 2008 All Rights Reserved share with a friend


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Sequenced by Barry Taylor