They're predicting it'll get below freezing We Georgia residents know what that means There'll be a run on bread, milk and toilet paper And supermarket shelves will be picked clean People will rush to buy jugs of bottled water And those fake fire logs as they fill their tanks with gas Drinkers will stock up on their favorite brew Enough for a week or two in case the weather lasts They'll buy plastic sheets to staple over the windows And stuff to stop up every crevice and crack To keep out that weather with its wind chill And kerosene heaters they can always take back There'll be scads of school and government closings Lots of our favorite TV shows will be preempted So the stations can show special weather programs And interviews with shoppers clutching their bread Shows not on local stations will be interrupted With special reports at some crucial moment in the plot Only to return during a long commercial break Just as the show ends and we've missed the best part I appreciate all the meteorologists do But it seems that some like to scare and twist us We're relieved at the times when it's a big false alarm And we find that the weather front has missed us Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© January 17, 2008 All Rights Reserved (Title of Poem Suggested by Rocky McCoy)

Mairzy Doats
From The Heart Postcards

Graphic rendered from a photograph ©Tania Enders, Until Then Graphics