If only I had a big keepsake box Filled with some of Daddy's personal things I'd cherish and touch and look at them And feel the peace that remembering brings There'd be an old issue of The Sporting News The pages dog-eared and yellowed with age And the old radio Daddy listened to When the Brooklyn Dodgers were all the rage His musical instruments were all given away But my box would have the guitar pick Daddy used when he taught me a couple of chords And said I picked them up "real quick" I'd have his carbide lamp and his pocket knife The clippers I used when I cut his hair And a little bag of chocolate covered raisins Would be lovingly tucked away in there I'd love to have his picture in the Santa suit Though I know none were ever snapped But I'd have pictures of him with all of us And the pillow he used when he napped The little inhaler of Primatene Mist To ward off the effects of Black Lung And audio tapes recorded years ago Of all the songs he had ever sung The yellow pencil he used for his crosswords Always sharpened till it was just a nub The razor blade he honed before each use As around a water glass, he would rub Those little mementoes are forever gone But I can envision them in my mind I have all those treasures with me still With all the love and memories entwined I still miss you, Daddy. Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 11, 2008 All Rights Reserved


Precious Memories
Bouquet of Roses