I went to Della Mae's on Saturday night To a party given just for me Kids danced to the music of the jukebox At the piano, sat Jerry Lee Elvis was leading an all-girl band Little Richard was humming a tune They were celebrating my seventeenth On that twenty-fourth day of June All of the kids in the senior class Were jitterbugging to Johnny B. Goode Except for the ones collecting autographs Over where Frank Sinatra stood We had cheeseburgers, shakes and French fries Served by The Platters and Brenda Lee Pat Boone and Liberace were chowing down The Everly Brothers sang Dream just for me Lossie and James and Teenie and Jimmy Walked through the door with Johnny Cash With all these people at my birthday party It was turning into quite a bash Marvin and Pat and Roger and Yvonne Boogie-woogied to beat the band There I stood with my mouth hanging open Till Luke spoke as he grabbed my hand "Before this dance is over, you'll be my girl. 'Cause I'm tired of being just your friend." We did the Jitterbug, the Boogie, and the Twist With a bit of The Charleston thrown in Through the dips and the twirls as we cut a rug It wasn't long till the others cleared the floor The shy Luke Eldridge gave me quite a shock Since I'd never seen him dance before We both had a hard time catching our breath As Ella Fitzgerald sang Flat-Footed Floogie But by the time our dance came to an end They were all doing the Jitterboogie The old home town hasn't been the same Since the night I turned seventeen We don't shake and rattle and roll much now Except when we're full of caffeine Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© June 24, 2008 All Rights Reserved


Top image of the girl is from Susan's Treasure Chest Unlimited