Here in my shiny, new kitchen I have appliances for most every need To make cooking and cleaning much easier But there's no big family to feed I still think about Mother's kitchen Though it was such a long time ago I can see her kneading the heck out of A blob of homemade biscuit dough She'd pinch and roll and pat each one Then place them in the pan so neat From the scraps, she'd make a little squiggle For the baby of the family to eat One of the girls helped with breakfast And packed school lunches for the little ones Another one washed up the dishes Keeping the kitchen neat till we got done From after breakfast till 'round four o'clock Pinto beans and fatback simmered slow Corn bread baked in a cast iron skillet And fried potatoes made supper for us folk Mother had great big old blue bowl And for dipping, a long-handled spoon That bowl held gravy in the morning And pinto beans in the afternoon Multi-purpose and not just for cooking It heated water, made fudge and parched corn A kind of incubator for dozens of little bitties Kept in a box behind the stove to keep warm Heating washtubs of water for Saturday baths In a way, that stove helped keep us clean I remember the warmer on Sunday afternoon That held Mother's rice pudding with meringue Many a fire was built in that old cook stove Started with kindling we all helped chop We huddled 'round it for warmth in the winter And sweated buckets when the weather was hot Wouldn't mind having Mother's stove in my kitchen Even with all its dirty soot, rattles and squeaks It's strange how those old-timey cook stoves Now sell for outrageous prices as antiques Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 24, 2008 All Rights Reserved
Mother's Boon Spean
Mother's Spoon


Long, Long Ago
Arranged and Sequenced by Lorinda Jones
Backyard Music