Looking at a school picture from a lifetime ago My nostalgic heart likes to remember When I started at Freeburn Grade School On that first Tuesday in September Wearing a homemade dress and brand new shoes That Daddy bought at Poor Man's Paradise Clutching a sharpened pencil and a little tablet And a hand-me-down jacket too big for my size I remember being excited and a little bit scared As Junior held my hand all the way to the door I was a big girl now going into the primer While my brother was entering grade four We met for lunch every day out back Wolfing down our mustard and onion biscuits Hiding out so other kids wouldn't make fun Ashamed, but hungry, we didn't want to risk it I recall Miss Boyd with her weekly Bible story Showing up every Tuesday without fail The boy sitting behind me was the class clown And he dipped my pigtails in his ink well Dressing up for Halloween; having Christmas plays Laughing and playing and all the fun at recesses Gives my heart a warm glow, but I really have to laugh At how the boys ogled when the wind blew up our dresses That old building weathered many a storm With fierce winds blowing though every crack Classes went on as the rain beat down With the roar of Tug River flowing in the back Those Kentucky winters sure could get cold But the janitor kept that old building warm Roaring fires in several coal stoves Kept us comfortable in those winter storms Thinking of Carl and Dennis and the Fletcher kids Still seeing Janice, Sondra, Roger and Meroline Rowe Some are gone and others drifted away long ago Marv's in Chicago; don't know about Fritz, though I'm so glad I can still remember those wonderful times When we held our teachers in such high esteem Freeburn Grade School burned down so very long ago But I can always go back there as long as I can dream Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 15, 2008 All Rights Reserved Share with a friend.

Freeburn Grade School 1948

Freeburn Grade School 1948

The Front Porch
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