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For Simon

I like to sit on Mama's lap
In her big recliner chair
She rocks me and she sings to me
And I feel so happy there

Even though I'm not a baby
Mama says that it's Okay
'Cause it's her job to spoil us 
Since we don't see her every day

I have a sister named Samantha
Mama calls her "Little Sweetcheeks"
Sometimes she reads to both of us
And we think that's really neat

In her living room there's a plastic box
With toys and games for Samantha and me
So we can play while the grown-ups talk
And listen to a funny CD

I wish you could see my Mama
In her apron and flip-flop shoes
She laughs and plays with me a lot
But she can't run like she used to do

Each time we go to Mama's house
She makes sure we're all well fed
Many times, she sends me home
With a loaf of fresh-baked bread

Samantha and I are pretty lucky
We have a Mama and a Grandma too
To love us and to play with us
So what's a little boy to do

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
June 1, 2008
All Rights Reserved

Simon & Mama
Simon & Mama

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