Where were you when I called on you
As I felt my young heart was broken
When I thought life was hard and so unfair
And could have used some kind words spoken

When jealous people taunted me
With things that hurt me to the core
I needed someone to be on my side
When I couldn't take it anymore

As a young girl trying to find her way
And needing a firm hand to guide
Begging for special attention
Where was the adoring pride

When I cried for a shoulder to lean on
And someone to take my part
Where was the love that should have been
Coming straight from someone's heart

Through the years and needing a confidant
That I could trust as in no other
You were by my side where you always were
And I'm so proud to call you Mother 

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
May 8, 2008
All Rights Reserved

Mother & Me

   Music: Comfort
©Original by Jalal Ali