I took a walk down yesterday Just to reminisce awhile Of childhood games Forgotten playmates' names And memories that make me smile Strolling through Johnson Bottom Made a lump form in my throat Remembering good old days And Christmas plays When aging seemed so remote Stopping at the Fletcher house Seeing June and Milton there In their coal camp shack Below the railroad track The children so young and fair Across the lane was our old house Where another loving family dwelled Mother rocking Lavaughn Daddy with work clothes on Precious memories in my heart swelled Brothers and sisters played in the yard Games of hopscotch, marbles and tag Neighbor kids joined the play On that hot, summer day As we listened to the old men brag The Dotsons, Esteps, Roses and Wards All their houses still looked the same Women doing chores Hanging laundry outdoors It seemed that nothing had changed The sound of the tipple as it processed coal The rattle and the dust so common Men risking their lives For their children and wives Was the life in Johnson Bottom Sitting on the porch when the work was done As Daddy played "Wildwood Flower" With his guitar ringing And our voices all singing 'Twas a fun way to while away the hours It seemed as if time had stood still My heart lost in this reverie With twilight falling I heard the present calling Into this place called memory Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© March 14, 2008 All Rights Reserved

    Wildwood Flower
Sequenced by Harry Todd
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