Born to Rob and Donna Crider
Desiree arrived today
Family peeking through the window
As in the nursery she lay

She'll be pretty in lace and ruffles
She's her daddy's precious girl
Cooing and gurgling happily
A bright addition to the world

Tiny curls surround her face
A cherub mouth hints at a smile
A long-awaited bundle of joy
She's here to stay awhile

Kicking her feet and sucking her thumb
Bright eyes look around in awe
Dearly loved and oh, so welcome
Cutest baby you ever saw

Close your eyes, sweet little one
And God will watch over you
As the angels' voices from Heaven
Sing a lullaby just for you

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge
February 16, 2008
All Rights Reserved

©Tom Sierak, artist

Brahm's Lullaby
Sequencer Unknown to Me