Spending time at our place in the country Is a treat for the whole family We work all year for the privilege Of being lazy and totally carefree Seems we never get tired of going there Leaving the cares of the city behind We have no modern conveniences It's like we all traveled backward in time There's a cold water pump in the kitchen The bathroom's ten yards down the path A wood stove is used for all cooking And a washtub's in the pantry for baths No electricity means there's no TV Yet we never seem to miss it up there Evenings are spent in the porch swing List'ning to the night sounds in the air There's never a telephone ringing Not even reception for the cell We come here because of the resemblance To the place where our ancestors dwelled Remembering how the love and hard lessons Taught to us from the days of our youth Have rewarded us with years of sweet blessings And carried us through many hurtful truths It's so hard to think of ever leaving This rustic place we always come to with zest Yet, by the time our vacation is over We're all rested and ready for the stress Don't know why it is that old memories Always satisfy the urge to come home Even though it's just a month in the summer Spirits rejuvenate for the hard work to come Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 21, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Frank's Original Tune
Sequenced by Frank Schober
Grandpa Schober's Original Midi Files