It's presidential election time again this year The candidates have hit the campaign trail Before we know it, January will be here And our country's brand new chief, we'll hail There are early primaries and town hall debates Then the noise and confusion of the caucus Campaign promises and plans for the country And victory parties rowdy and raucous Every speech and statement is scrutinized With much rhetoric from the talking heads If they knew everything they think they knew They'd be the ones running instead On news shows, Monday-morning quarterbacks Analyze and pick at every statement and faux pas While others spend their time trying to dig up dirt It's stone-throwing and mud-slinging to the last hurrah Soon, the conventions will be the main topic As the party delegates decide who will run Two finalists emerge for the November election With only one victor when it's all said and done No matter our politics or who we support We'll be lined up at the precincts without fail Doing our best to participate in the voting process And choose the winner from the campaign trail Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© March 29, 2008 All Rights Reserved