If I could make a colorful bouquet Arrange it any way I please I'd fill it with all the things I love Tied with a ribbon of memories Delicate roses for Daddy and Mother Assorted colors in a splendid array And one for each of my brothers and sisters Heartfelt thoughts in my display I'd have lilies, carnations and zinnias Wispy baby's breath carefully placed Marking the days our sons were born With a Mother's love encased Daisies of sunlit yellow and white Bachelor buttons and pansies galore Would grace the middle of my bouquet For the loved ones they all stand for I'd have blooms from my flower garden White lilies for those who have passed Then sprinkle them all with abiding love To make my bouquet of memories last Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© April 19, 2008 All Rights Reserved    Midi ~ Remember
   Used With Permission
©Copyright 2007 Bruce DeBoer
   Music Of The Heart