Saturday nights in Johnson Bottom Was our weekly rub-a-dub-dub When we took turns at bathing ourselves In a number three galvanized tub With a fire blazing in the cook stove To keep the hot water coming strong We'd sweat like the dickens in the summer But feel good when winter came along Lathering a big bar of homemade soap We'd hunch down and begin to scrub Then screech like terrified banshees When our backs hit the rim of that tub The little ones washed two at a time With Mother scrubbing hard and fast And the water getting dirtier by the minute With never enough hot water to last We all took turns according to age It so happened I was the oldest daughter When it got to me, it never seemed to fail That one of the little ones had peed in the water With everybody drying on the same ragged towel It was pretty wet by the time I got it But those weekly baths made us all feel clean No matter how much our brothers fought it Whether we needed one or not, a bath was priority Taken for granted in our weekly routine We did without a lot and times were hard But Mother made sure we stayed clean The other six days a week, we practiced good hygiene By making use of the kitchen wash pan Rubbing, scrubbing and spiffing up after breakfast Heating water in an old coffee can Looking back on those tough times of yesteryear It's a wonder we all came out unscathed But it sure brings a chuckle to this old heart of mine Remembering Saturday when the whole family bathed Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© May 2, 2008 All Rights Reserved

Performed by Margi Harrell