Christmas Day is over
The family's come and gone
The tree is looking forlorn
I'm sitting here alone

Sometimes, the quiet is welcome
And I like to spend the time
Reflecting on old memories
That my heart still holds sublime

We made so many new ones
That I'll add to my heart's treasure
More than worth their weight in gold
A fortune beyond measure

My grandchildren were all with me
And we met Rocky's new friend, Liz
Tim and Jennifer are still so much in love
Ah, how wonderful this old lady's life is

Our homes rang with joy and laughter
As we all did our very best
To show the love and appreciation
For the way we have all been blessed

Soon, I'll put away the decorations
And all signs of Christmas erase
Except for the memories held in my heart
That my soul will forever embrace

The old year is coming to a close
I don't intend to hesitate
Let's look forward to a glorious future
As we welcome two thousand eight

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
December 28, 2007
All Rights Reserved