It's now late in the month of December And the winter season has barely begun So I'll make a long list of things I need to do That, in warm weather, somehow didn't get done I'm really not a person who puts many things off Though I do lean toward procrastination Mostly since I got my first computer 'Cause the Internet holds a great fascination The first chore on my list is spring cleaning It makes me weary just thinking about it Seems like I did that about twelve months ago Guess next year, the house could do without it Leafing through my favorite seed catalogs Making a list of seeds, plants and trees Envisioning my garden come harvest time As I sit here in cold weather and freeze The banister on the front porch needs fixing And the house could use a fresh coat of paint The roof's only leaking in a small spot or two I'll have to do what I can and leave what I can't My list has turned out to be a long one When all I want to do is eat and hibernate Maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew Come to think about it, a lot of things can wait So I'll sit at my computer till the weather breaks Then fulfill all my lists, plans and schemes But, alas, they're easier plotted than done As are most of my yearly winter dreams Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 30, 2007 All Rights Reserved