Welcome to our Thanksgiving table Please stay and share a meal with us Rocky's busy in the kitchen again And he likes to make a fuss The oven smells of chestnut dressing And the turkey's cooking on the grill Fresh-baked pies sit on the sideboard Forgetting our diets, we'll eat our fill Tim's checking out the pumpkin pie Simon's sniffing the homemade bread Everyone's nibbling on deviled eggs Samantha makes sure the birds are fed The men seem to have things under control No room for the women in there Brian's playing with Cap and Sally Out in the warm November air Jennifer's busy grading school papers Mom's finishing her special coleslaw There's nibbling and kibitzing and music too Rocky sets the Cool Whip™ out to thaw It's a long-time family tradition That Rocky hosts Thanksgiving day Many sweet memories race through our minds Of the years we've gathered this way We're celebrating Tim's birthday too And it's always a double holiday After his cake and the opening of gifts We'll watch the Dallas Cowboys play Brian leads a prayer of Thanksgiving Remembering those no longer here Thanking God for His many blessings And for letting us gather each year Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 12, 2007 All Rights Reserved

We Gather Together
Laura's Midi Heaven

Thanksgiving 2006
Tim had pneumonia...