Comes the nippy nighttime weather Trees sporting a colorful array Cutting back the faded roses Summer now a bygone day Smoke rings from the chimney Mugs of cocoa by the fire Squirrels hoarding food for winter Warm weather will soon retire Gathering in the bountiful harvest Thanking God for its heavy yield Preserving food for lean times Shocks of fodder in the field An autumn wreath adorns the door Fall flowers in the urns Raking leaves of red and gold Watching them as they burn Enjoying sunny, daytime weather Pulling the covers up at night Looking forward to the holidays Birds taking their annual flight Autumn's glorious transformation All signs of seasons' change With the passing of the time God's wonders rearranged Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 4, 2007 All Rights Reserved


You Are Too Beautiful
Sequenced by Mel Webb
KMEL Midi Music