Ma and Pa left the city life and bought a farm What we didn't know, we soon learned how A family of greenhorns starting life anew Who didn't know a shovel from a plow Farming for a living wasn't easy And sometimes had very few rewards We soon got used to doing without Many things that having money affords When the rooster crowed, we all rolled out Working from sun-up 'til darkness fell Pa said hard work was good for us kids He kept us so busy, we really couldn't tell Milking the cows; slopping the hogs Raiding the chicken house gathering eggs Trying not to stumble over the kittens Always nuzzling and nipping at our legs We found mice in the silo; possums in the house And crows in the cornfield eating their fill Pulling weeds and hoeing with blistered hands Took lots of patience and a really strong will All year 'round, there were endless chores We worked hard but still attended school Never took up with the vices of the day 'Cause Ma held us to the Golden Rule Yes, it was a hard, but rewarding, life And we had the proverbial tough row to hoe We had clean clothes and our bellies were full And parents who showed us the Christian way to go I guess we didn't know how good we had it When we kids thought life was so unfair Years have passed since those farming days But fond memories still linger there Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 7, 2007 All Rights Reserved


Art by Claude Cardon, (1892-1915)

Music ~ I've Got The Horse
Country And Western Midi Music