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Mommy bought me a new pink snowsuit And I finally got to wear it one day It was very cold and snowy outside So I begged to go out and play flake But since I was only three years old Mommy said that she'd go too We always had good times together 'Cause she knew lots of fun things to do flake The soft snow almost covered my boots And the flakes landed on my face We chased each other till we got warmed up She let me win when we had a race flake I ran and hid behind a big pine tree When we played a game of hide-and-seek But Mommy spied me in all my pink As I stuck my head out for a little peek flake She showed me how to make snow angels Then we had a little snowball fight And made a snowman pudgy and cute 'Cept his face sure looked a fright flake We took some bread to feed the ducks That were shivering 'round the frozen pond I kind of felt sorry for the little things And wished they had pink snowsuits on flake Mommy fixed hot cocoa when we went inside And it helped to chase the cold away Sitting by a warm and cozy fireplace We looked at the pictures she took that day flake Many cold winters have come and gone Since the day Mommy and I had such a hoot But I still have such fond memories Of a loving Mommy and my pink snowsuit flake Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 30. 2007 All Rights Reserved Share
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