Was it only her imagination
Or did he smile at her today?
Has he really become attentive?
Is there something he wants to say?

The emotional abuse had run rampant
All those years of growing apart
Had filled her with resentment
And put a lock on her loving heart

Withdrawing into a world of his own
Becoming a stranger to his family
He had lost her somewhere along the way
Her fondest wish was to be set free

Love changed to loathing and after awhile
Acceptance finally took their place
Staying out of duty and not for love
Living a life no longer hard to face

Evolving into ships passing in the night
She had gradually made a life of her own
Locked in his room when he wasn't at work
She was still the dutiful wife at home

Suddenly, a metamorphosis happened
When she had finally reached the end of her rope
He had once again become the man she married
Should she actually dare to even hope?

She had prayed so long to find a way to leave
But God must have had another plan in mind
They have been granted a second chance at love
In a world where true love is hard to find

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
November 5, 2007
All Rights Reserved

An Emigrant's Daughter
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

Artwork: From a Broderbund CD