Visions of old-fashioned crème drops Are dancing around in my head Tis the season for those calorie-laden goodies And I'm munching raw veggies instead I tasted lots of sweet treats at Rocky's house That he whipped up for Thanksgiving Day But I chowed down in great moderation And managed to keep extra poundage at bay Now I'm dreaming of sweet, gooey fruitcake And chocolate covered cherries galore While I'm forcing down fresh fruits and vegetables There's a kid selling cookies at my door How I'd love a tall, cold glass of eggnog And a package of sweet rolls from Wal*Mart Yet I'm really trying to avoid the temptation And, reluctantly, keep that stuff out of my cart They're giving samples of white chocolate pretzels I'm almost feeling them melting in my mouth But I know if I buy them, I'll eat the whole bag And the pounds will pile on 'way down south My taste buds are finely honing their skills For the day when I really do cut loose But I know I'll regret it when I get on the scales And, in the mirror, see my growing caboose I should be thinking about a white Christmas And concentrate on this season of good cheer 'Cause if I gobble those forbidden concoctions I'll be double my size come New Year Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 4, 2007 All Rights Reserved  




Baby Elephant Walk
Sequenced by Don Carroll
Jack's Midi Music