Chosen to star in the leading role For the school's annual Christmas play Her racing heart was filled with pride As she hurried home that day The second oldest child in a family of nine From the "wrong" side of the tracks Her fondest wish was to have as friends The girls with fine clothes on their backs Full of excitement, she told her Mother That she'd be singing in the Christmas play Timidly, she asked if she could possibly have A brand new outfit to wear that day Though money was tight and the family poor Mother said she would do her very best The little girl could hardly sleep that night For thinking about a brand new dress Mother had bought a piece of dark red velvet From the window of the local mercantile Cutting out the parts that had faded in the sun She could make a hooded cape so surreal A white, organdy dress was bought on time The beautiful cape was a sight to see Such dainty stitches all smooth and straight Mother had made it look so elegantly Sporting her new frocks, she saw the girls Decked out in fur and silk and crepe She was brokenhearted when a couple of them Poked fun at her homemade cape One girl snickered as she told the others She'd seen the velvet and it was faded and old That the dress was pictured in a sale catalog And the company was probably glad it sold Though deeply hurt, her sweet voice was strong As she sang with her eyes full of tears Even the applause and compliments couldn't erase The merciless pain that had festered for years As she walked down the steps with her Mother Several girls motioned her their way Asking her Mother to go on ahead She stopped to see what they had to say When they started heckling, she stood up tall Finally decided to wipe the smirks off their faces Their mouths hung open as she held her ground While firm words put them all in their places Feeling great relief with her head held high She could plainly and clearly see True friendship is measured not by riches But by honesty and sincerity Catching up with Mother and taking her hand Mother asked if everything was alright The girl said they had bragged on her lovely cape And she smiled for the first time that night Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© December 31, 2007 All Rights Reserved

The Leaving Of Liverpool
Sequenced by Barry Taylor
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook

Copyright by CrystalClearCreations2000/2003