When I was just a little guy I was my Papa's boy 'Cause I was his first grandchild I was his pride and joy When I was only eight months old My hair was so curly and long We went to the Matewan barber shop I looked grown-up when we got home Papa loved all the grandkids But we lived closer to him We went to visit him a lot He was my very best friend He always bought me candy When we went to the five and dime I usually liked what he got best And he'd trade his for mine Sometimes, he told me stories As we sat in the front porch swing And when he tuned his old guitar You should have heard us sing Papa taught me to use his tools And help him do the household tasks When Mama needed something fixed All she had to do was ask I liked to sit on Papa's lap And help steer when he mowed the yard We laughed and talked and always had Such fun that it wasn't even hard One Christmas, he was in the hospital And we took all his presents there Though weak and sick, he did his best To join in the holiday cheer It's been more than thirty years now Since my buddy, Papa, died Though I was all grown up by then I still remember how we all cried Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 28, 2007 All Rights Reserved





My Buddy
Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi
Smick & Smodoo's World

Backgrounds by Dee {DBM}