Old Man Winter will be here soon
Jack Frost is whistling his blustery tune
We put on our thermal underwear
Boots, coats and mufflers for the frosty air

Beautiful icicles hang from the roof
Mr. Sun's warmth seems a little aloof
Creatures shiver in the falling snow
Seeking shelter from the winds that blow

Ice and sleet fall upon the roads
Freezing solidly wherever it goes
We put on the snow tires and add the chains
Longing for the warmth of summer again

The fireplace boasts of a roaring fire
Where we sit for awhile and then retire
Kids look forward to Christmas Day
And Santa Claus with a toy-filled sleigh

Winter doldrums can so easily set in
But we mustn't let Old Man Winter win
No use to fight him; he can't be defeated
So he lingers awhile all cold and conceited

Just remember the days are getting longer now
And, as always, we'll muddle through somehow
So bundle up warmly, then grin and bear it
Put a smile on your face, and go out and share it

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
December 8, 2007
All Rights Reserved

Let It Snow
Christmas at Midnight Midis Top and Background Courtesy of Edward Caution