Jesus knows what's in my heart And the path that I should trod Blessings I receive along the way All come from the grace of God Thankful for the miracle of life Dear ones who have passed my way Favored with a wonderful family Seeing departed ones again someday Jesus knows just what I need And the struggles that life demands Grateful to a man who saved my life And to God for guiding his hands I want to be one of His Chosen Ones He knows my heart much better than I Obstacles that satan throws in my way Make me more determined to try Jesus is my true Guiding Light And the music within my soul The spirit that shines deep in my heart My fate forever in His control As my body grows tired and feeble My longing for Heaven grows I worry not when my time will come Because only my Jesus knows Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 4, 2007 All Rights Reserved Click here to send this site to a friend!

Just As I Am
Sequenced by Russ Jenkins
Jack's Midi Music

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