Hey there, Mr. Jack-O-Lantern
Can you come out and play?
I bet you sure get lonely
Just sitting there all day

I never see you laughing
Or having any fun
I could be your best friend
We'd play games and run

My brother had to go to school
And I'm feeling all alone
I have no one to play with
'Til the school bus brings him home

Mommy's in the kitchen
Says I'm just in the way
I wouldn't be so lonely
If you'd come out and play

I see you each October
'Cause you visit every year
Then just before Thanksgiving
You always disappear

Hey there, Mr. Jack-O-Lantern
Why don't you talk to me?
I know I'm only four years old
But I'm very friendly, you see

Poor old Mr. Jack-O-Lantern
I'm sorry you have no friends
Mommy just called me in for lunch
So I guess I'd better go in

If you decide to change your mind
I'll be back out after 'while
You look like you could use a friend
Bet I could make you smile

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
October 14, 2007
All Rights Reserved

Float Script by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive


Courtesy of Margi Harrell