For Cheryl Stray dogs ran rampant in Johnson Bottom Almost as many dogs as children there People fed them table scraps and let them hang around Coal camp families all took part in their care A big, black dog started hanging 'round one day And someone there had dubbed him "Midnight" To everyone else, he was big, loving pet But to our Shig, he was a fearsome, terrible sight We never knew why he taunted our little sister But Midnight chased her every time he saw her When Shig got away and closed the back gate He reached through the fence and tried to paw her I guess the two of them were never meant to bond Though, goodness knows, many times we all tried We couldn't get her to go within a foot of that dog And every day when he chased her, she cried She was too scared to go to the outhouse by herself And tended to hide out there after her business was done Scared out of her wits to come back out that door She'd throw it open and break into a fast run We finally came to realize that Midnight was devious And the dog actually sensed that she was scared He chased the heck out of her because he knew he could It seemed to please him to see her all teared One year at the Church of God Christmas program They sang, "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear" Shig embarrassed us all by wailing and bawling 'Cause she thought the choir was making fun of her The day came when she must have felt she'd had enough Instead of running, she stood her ground and shed no tears I can still remember that long ago winter day When a meek, little girl faced her fears Many of us kids stood and watched the whole thing And we all cheered to see that little girl win They never did become tried and true best friends But Midnight never chased our sister again Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 9, 2007 All Rights Reserved


Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
Courtesy of Dynamic Drive

I Don't Need No Rockin' Chair
Sequenced by Gloria Canfield