At our house, it looks like Christmas With decorations of red, green and gold Like a picture painted on a Christmas card Reminiscent of seasons of old Joyful music plays in the background Scented candles permeate throughout Yule logs glow brightly in the fireplace Looks like Christmas, without a doubt Spicy aromas drift from the kitchen Colorful lights blink on the tree Gifts placed haphazardly underneath Happy hearts are filled with glee Everyone has a stocking hanging On the mantle so beautifully arrayed Golden lights twinkle like shooting stars From the wreaths that Grandma made We're looking forward to a turkey dinner And a visit from the man in red But all good things must come to an end Time for children to snuggle into bed So many wondrous and magical things happen In a season when reindeer fly Yes, the house sure looks like Christmas Too bad it's the Fourth of July Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 18, 2007 All Rights Reserved






It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
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