Once, all my seasons were sunny and bright
The wonder of your love strengthened me
Until a January day that turned gloomy and dark
Left me alone where I didn't want to be

Your love made my autumn days golden
Spring brought many colors and hues
Now summer is vacuous of its warm, sunny glow
And my winters have become a lonely blue

I find myself just going through the motions
My heart with tender feelings devoid
Locked in an icy, cold world of despair
Without you and the happiness we enjoyed

The Christmas season is almost upon us
I'm weary of my heart's feeling this way
So I'll just look for a lavender winter
And hope my blue ones will gradually fade away

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
November 14, 2007
All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of Seger

Lavender Blue
Sequenced by RedSal