December arrived bringing new-fallen snow The little ones were dancing with glee Knowing it wouldn't be long 'til Santa Claus came And it was the day to go and get the tree Daddy had to work a double shift at the mine We older kids begged to do it instead Lena and I sat there huddled with the tools While Junior guided the horses and sled Mother balked about letting us girls go along But she knew that we were in good hands Junior had his share of looking out for us And all that being a big brother demands We went to a place about a mile down the road To look for the perfect Christmas tree Lena found a buckeye and we told her it was poison But she was stubborn and wouldn't let it be Fussing for an hour about which one to cut Getting colder, we decided to call a truce So, taking a vote with the girls winning out We settled on a frosty, blue spruce Realizing little sister had wandered away Junior and I dropped the saw and ran Just as Lena rolled and tumbled down the hill Her precious buckeye still in her hand Gathering snow as she picked up speed She was at the bottom before we got there When we reached her, both scared to death She grinned broadly, none the worse for wear Reese and Cheryl and Danny and Lavaughn Were at the window when we got the tree home Mother had hot cocoa on the back of the stove And we were thrilled when she served us each some Junior nailed wood on the bottom for a stand We used soap flakes to simulate snow Adding colored lights and tinsel and balls We admired our tree in the firelight's glow A big family like ours makes a lot of memories And that's one that still remains a part of me On that cold, December day so many years ago When the three of us went and got the tree Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 27, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Reindeer Rag
Christmas at Midnight Midis

Snow Effect by Kurt Grigg
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