Effie had a great big, loving heart Neighbors thought she was a pea brain The joke around town was that she didn't have Enough sense to get out of the rain Though more than a little bit eccentric Her actions sometimes appeared strange Effie didn't give a hoot what people thought Heck, she was the one who was sane So, what if she had a houseful of pets and her place looked like a petting zoo? She had fun with her furry, feathered friends And did just what she wanted to do One year, Effie bought herself a piglet To fatten up for fall and winter meals She could almost taste that smoking ham Ah, the sausage and chitlins and jowls For a pig, old Percy was pretty smart And it didn't take him long to get wise Knowing he'd soon be Effie's main course That little pig began to exercise He'd stay alive as long as he didn't get fat This was one pig that wouldn't get burned So he entertained Effie and even her pets By doing all the funny tricks he'd learned The bird in the derby put in his two cents And so did the salivating dog But no matter how hungry poor old Effie got She knew she couldn't butcher that hog Thanksgiving Day dawned cold and clear And the kitchen cupboards were bare She looked at all the hungry little pets Then at the pig with the horrified stare With a heavy heart but an empty stomach Poor Effie knew what she had to do She boiled a big kettle of water on the stove And made them each a bowl of ketchup stew Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 8, 2007 All Rights Reserved









Wild Hog In The Woods
Hetzler's Fakebook

The tubes I used are from Mchooii