One day, my life on Earth will be ended And I'll cross over to Heaven's bright shore To spend eternity in that golden city Where I won't feel pain or sorrow anymore My prayer is that my Lord finds me worthy To sing with angels in His Heavenly choir And wear a white robe and live in the mansion That He went to prepare for me there Realizing that death comes to everyone I want to be ready when it's my time to go And live a life that is pleasing to my Jesus Who loves me because He told me so Jesus taught us of His love and forgiveness And to live by the example that He set So when He helps me to cross the river Jordan I will have neither fear nor regret On Heaven's shore, there'll be a glorious reunion With all the friends and the loved ones I've known And Jesus will be waiting there to hold on to my hand So I won't be crossing over alone Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 18, 2007 All Rights Reserved

I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone
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