Phelps High School
Phelps, KY

Looking through the yearbook Seeing all the sweet faces there Our futures lay before us then Like slates all clean and bare Dreaming of long and happy lives As young folks so often do Making plans that we'd fulfill Assuming they would all come true Saddle shoes, poodle skirts and pony tails Cute boys with sideburns and ducktail hair Jitterbugging at the local hangout Ordering cheeseburgers and milkshakes there Riding the bus to basketball games At John's Creek and other schools around Cheerleaders cheering as we sang along My mind still rings at that happy sound The senior prom and graduation day Happy times from a long-ago past Taking a lot of things for granted then Not knowing we'd grow old so fast Some of us stayed in our birthplaces While many of us moved away Trying to carve out a better life Far from a poor Appalachian state When jobs were plentiful up North Detroit and Akron were the places to go But we always missed our Kentucky homes And all the ones we used to know There are some I'm still in touch with And others who sadly died young How I'd love to see them all again And reminisce about old-time fun Yesteryear drifts through my heart Days when we were young and fine Replaying my fondest memories of The class of fifty-nine Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© November 17, 2007 All Rights Reserved

Sleep Walk
Sequenced by J. Kwasnik

The 50's tubes is from Pixels by Judy