Childhood memories from so long ago With favorite ones remembered so clearly Selective memory lets us pick and choose The glorious ones we tend to hold so dearly My sometimes clouded mind reflects oftentimes And, even with aging, I hope it always will Enjoyable thoughts come at restless times And take me to a little church on a hill A family of twelve, we turned a head or two When we all traipsed through the church house door There was so much love and generosity there In an area where most people were poor A bunch of countrified folks just serving the Lord And friendships that lasted their whole lives long I like to think that God smiled down on us all And gave us gifts of fellowship, music and song We had revivals, homecoming and dinners on the ground And we young ones went to Vacation Bible School It just seemed natural being brought up in the church God's love and guidance became our most precious tools So much time has passed and many loved ones have gone I know they're waiting there on Heaven's bright shore Where Jesus has gone to prepare a place for us all And sad partings will come nevermore My heart still recalls so many wonderful times And, to this day, it gives my soul a thrill Still hearing the preaching, praying, shouting and singing In that little country church on the hill Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 8, 2007 All Rights Reserved


The Church In The Wildwood
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