Family gathered all around Christmas blessings now abound Celebrated on all the Earth Commemorating Jesus' birth Grateful voices ring aloud Angels standing tall and proud Churches' windows lighted bright Praying on this Holy Night Christmas lights and jingle bells Candle glow and stories tell Children peeking under the tree Playing and laughing joyfully Sitting by the fire's glow White snowflakes and mistletoe Holiday treats for all to share Christians rejoicing everywhere Santa Claus and stockings red Warm hats worn on every head Landscape covered with snow and ice Grandma's kitchen smelling nice Celebrating this festive season Ever mindful of the reason Children drawing nativity scenes Teaching them what Christmas means Blessings overflow all year 'round Thanking for salvation found Love throughout the world proclaimed Praising God in Jesus' name Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© October 30, 2007 All Rights Reserved








Cassell and Boys Dec 65

Silent Night
Performed by Margi Harrell