The alarm clock clattered loudly
Time to go to work again
I did my morning exercise
To relieve my lower back pain

Stumbling into the bathroom
Trying hard to stifle a yawn
Still not used to getting up
In the hours of pre-dawn

Half asleep, I took a shower
Brushed my teeth still in the raw
When I looked into the mirror
I was shocked at what I saw

Seems a monster had invaded me
The ugly thing was really gross
For right there on the very tip
Was a zit sitting on my nose

Wondering how I should handle it
The answer not all that simple
What in the world could I have done
To deserve this humongous pimple

Reluctantly getting my first aid kit
Afflicted by this horrible blemish
Deciding I would just cover it up
Admitting I'm a tad more than squeamish

So I slathered on my war paint
But the makeup made it look worse
As if my nemesis was laughing at me
Like a witch that had thrown a curse

Determined to further torment me 
It made my big eyes look diminished
Wondering if this hex would ever end
Or was its handiwork all finished

Maybe I should just ignore the demon
After all, tomorrow's another day
I might even hit on a lucky streak
And the creature would fade away

Feeling sorry for my poor little self
With this blob that deformed my head
I did the only thing that I could do
Called in sick and went back to bed

Kathleen McCoy Eldridge©
July 27, 2007
All Rights Reserved