Taking long walks in the meadow Where wildflowers bloom galore Refreshes my soul and spririt And brings me closer to my Lord I can see Him all around me His spirit present in everything Blue sky and a field of flowers Happy little birds that sing The wonder of creation; mysteries of life Are all around us for the taking Newborn babies and nature's beauty Glorious miracles in the making How anyone can doubt His existence Is something I cannot comprehend When He offers us unconditional love Joy and blessings without end Sometimes, I find myself wondering Why so many people don't believe In either a Heaven or a hell And Jesus they fail to receive How can one see the phenomenon called life The amazements between Earth and sky Without thinking of a Heavenly Being Or curiosity that ever wonders why The list of faithful constantly grows So many people converting each day We know not how much time remains For the lost who refuse to pray A new home in Heaven awaits those Who follow and serve Him well And the non-believers one day soon Will surely find there's a hell Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 31, 2007 All Rights Reserved


I Believe
Performed by Margi Harrell