Lovingly Dedicated to William McCoy Dear Big Brother, I'm writing you this letter Hoping that you are well Glad you're my big brother Loving you more than I can tell We sure did have our moments In those years of growing up All the spats and bickering From the time I was a pup The usual sibling rivalry We often took to the extreme I still recall the pranks you played That, at the time, seemed mean Though no harm was ever done We argued and tricked each other Until we saw the looks we got From the terminator known as Mother Many times, we went overboard With our teasing and wise cracks But the vision of Mother with a switch Sure stopped us in our tracks We always ate our lunches together In grade school, by the bridge Ashamed of biscuit and onion sandwiches That Mother had made for us kids In high school, you shooed the boys away Who wanted to ask me for a date Threatening them if they bothered me Though I know it didn't change my fate I don't remember ever thanking you For being my protector and my friend We went from feuds and skirmishing To sibling love that has no end Remembering when Virginia and you visited Luke and me when we lived in Phelps How you supported me at his funeral At a time when love of family helps Now we're all getting up in years Only God knows how much time is left But there's always time to let people know That you love and value them best So, I thought I'd write and tell you again That I love you now as then You're still my knight in shining armor As my heart remembers when Love from your Little Sister, Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© September 1, 2007 All Rights Reserved

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