We've been thumpin' on the melons Tryin' to find us one that's ripened But Pa says they'll be ready next week And us kids had better stop our gripin' I can eat a whole one by myself Juice runnin' down my arms and chin The sweetest taste there ever was Gonna be hard to wait till then Raisin' a garden is mighty hard work Us youngins have to help with the hoein' Won't be long till summertime's over And back to school, we'll soon be goin' Sometimes we sit around the back porch Eatin' watermelon and spittin' the seeds We spit some clear into Ma's flower bed Growed melons amongst the roses and weeds One day Pa told us the melons was ripe And we could eat 'em after chores was done Knives in hand, we gathered on the porch I made sure to grab the biggest one When your belly's so full, you start to belch That's when you know that hard work pays Yep, I reckon we got it pretty dang good To be livin' in the watermelon days Kathleen McCoy Eldridge© July 20, 2007 All Rights Reserved